Social Media Profile Mockups 2018

Design social media profiles with preview in Photoshop

Create social media profile designs quickly and easily in Photoshop for desktop, phones and tablets, with this great collection of PSD files. This toolkit helps you to spot problems like cropped text on smartphones and tablets in social media apps, long before uploading your new designs to your social media channels. Profile pictures and cover photo sizes are already prepared for you correctly inside the Smart Objects, meaning you can design, save for web and upload with confidence.


Winter & Christmas Objects for Web Design

Decorate your web project using some PNG items

Decorating your web page for winter and Christmas was never easier. Simply add some PNG files with transparent background to your theme or design. These files provide transparent background, were carefully prepared for web and come in 7 useful sizes. You won't need any image editing application to compose the PNGs into your design the old fashioned way, just grab a PNG, upload it to your web server and place it on your page like any other image.


10 Fog Overlays

Easy to use high resolution fog overlays

10 easy to use high resolution fog overlays for creating photorealistic mist. These overlays have brightness, contrast and color changes happening on foggy days in the distance already built in. We even built in some well dosed noise to prevent results from looking too smooth and edited. The different files provide the material you need to create linear, radial or just partial fog.

Isolated Candles Bundle

A large collection of candles on transparent background

This might be the last candle related objects bundle you'll ever buy. The candles were photographed in high resolution and professionally prepared to match your requirements for cut out objects. The download provides you with more than 120 PNG files which can be used in every modern image editing and office application. Every candle, candleholder or flame is included separately - so you will always be able to combine the individual elements to built your own perfect candle.

4 Isolated Candle Flames

Flames on transparent background delivered in PNG files

These photorealistic flames can be used to light any candle in no time. The flames are visible on dark and bright backgrounds. The download includes each of the 4 flames with and without the shine around the flame. High resolution - every flame is at least 1800 pixel in height. No Photoshop needed - the download includes transparent PNG files.

Rain Overlays for Photography

The perfect rain effect for your photos

This rain overlay was specifically built to fit for photographs taken with a standard lens (about 30-70 mm). We used real photographic material to guarantee photorealistic details. The JPGs and the layered PSD file come in 6000 × 4200 pixel resolution at 300dpi. You can control the amount of rain by showing/hiding one of the 10 rain layers in Photoshop.

Rain Overlays for Close-Ups

The perfect rain effect for photographers

This rain overlay was specifically built to fit for close-up photography. Rain drop sizes in close range and far distance were selected to simulate a perfect close-up look. We used real photographic material to guarantee photorealistic details. The JPGs and the PSD file come in 6000 × 4200 pixel resolution at 300dpi. This product was made for Photoshop Elements, CS5, CS6, CC and other image editing software supporting blend modes for layers.

Winter & Snow Photo Bundle

36 winter stock photos

36 winter and snow stock photos covering a wide variety of snow related topics. Included are landscapes, ski resorts, wind power, walking and hiking and general backgrounds. Perfect for blog owners or social media posts in winter time. You can also use these high-res photos for web design or even print.

Snow Brushes v2

Brushes for painting photorealistic snow

These high-resolution brushes for Photoshop were created for you to paint falling and settled snow, as well as photorealistic frozen effects. The snowflakes were cut out of real photographic material and can be used to create realistic snowscapes. These brushes are compatible with Photoshop CS1-CS6 & CC and Photoshop Elements.

Umbrella Bundle

Cut out photographic umbrellas in many colors

An amazing collection of 8 cut out photographic umbrellas. Each umbrella comes in 5 different angles and with many color versions. These 200 high quality stock photos in PNG file format will permanently enhance your crafting materials archive for a great price. They were originally produced for photographic collages, but you can use them for logos, buttons, illustrations, posters, mockups, products and much more!

Fog Effect for Photoshop

A realistic high quality fog effect for Photoshop

Apply a realistic, high quality fog effect to your portrait, landscape, architecture or panorama photos, the quick & easy way. This is not a simple one layer overlays - the fog effect is generated by many adjustment layers to make the fog more realistic and controllable. A basic must have for all photographers and image editors. Easily control fog density, fog color and even the fog horizon line. Super easy to apply, just drag & drop the adjustment layer folder on top of your photo.

The Kaleidoscope Photo Bundle

200+ artistic photographs in 5k resolution

This artistic collection of over 200 high-resolution kaleidoscope photos will be your go to resource for all your future projects. They are perfect for creating music cover artwork, background images, web pages or social media posts. The photos are supplied in high resolution, meaning you can create documents for print and web, and even create art prints! The possibilities are limitless.

Mega Autumn Leaves Bundle

The mega autumn leaves pack incorporates 349 leaves

349 cut out leaves on a transparent background ready for drag & dropping into your designs. Leaves from 8 different trees. Most leaves are available in four or more different perspectives. This pack offers a wide range of application possibilities. 349 leaves allocated to 8 PSD-files + 349 transparent PNG-files for quick access.

Falling Autumn Leaves

It's raining leaves in these 4 layered Photoshop documents

Create your own individual falling autumn leaves pictures, with these 4 layered PSD files for Photoshop CS6 & CC. They are perfect for advertisements, web page header banners, book covers,greeting cards and anything else that needs an autumnal effect. The 3000 x 2234 pixel files not only allow use for web, but are great for printing applications too.

Autumn Capitals

Autumnal capital letters with additional characters

A photographic autumn font perfect for advertisements or any kind of headline. Create your special autumn web page header image or even posters with this PNG font, created from authentic photographic material. Based on real photos, great readability, sans serif, crafting materials are included. Built your own special characters or ornaments.

Abstract Snowflakes

Ornamental snowflakes for your classy Christmas spirit

Want something special on your Christmas cards or business material? This bundle includes 16 transparent snowflakes you can work with quickly and easily. Every snowflake is 2000 x 2000 pixel large (about 15 x 15 cm in print at 300 dpi). The download includes 1 PSD file with 16 layers for Photoshop CS1 or newer, 16 transparent PNG files for any design program you like to us and the snowflake generator for painting your own snowflakes.

Big Pills Bundle

Isolated high-resolution photos of pills and tablets

This is the biggest pill & tablets bundle we made so far. You'll have 49 different pills to work with. This bundle contains all our pill & tablet products. 49 pills, 27 mixed pills + 22 colorful pills, perfect for web design or print, iosolated from background, photographic material. Colorful capsules are 667x1873 pixels each, you'll get one PSD file including all pills and transparent PNG files too.

Natural Christmas Objects Bundle

Natural Christmas decoration kit with 160 items

This extensive Christmas objects bundle provides 160 isolated photographic objects for a natural and authentic Christmas look. The variety of items offer many possibilities - you can create greeting cards, web pages, print media or even product design. It's also perfect for building your own Advent Calender, Festive wreath or any other natural arrangements in Photoshop.

Snow Line Elements

Snow building blocks to create your own individual snow lines

27 photographic high-resolution snow line elements. Perfect to add more realistic snow to your web designs, posters and greeting or post card layouts. The elements are cut out and prepared for easy use. Delivered in transparent PNG files. 2 snow caps and 2 icicles are included as additional bonus elements.

Real Snow Overlays

4 different snow effects for your winter photos

Want to add some real photographic snow to your photo or design? With this overlay pack you get the job done by dragging one of the 4 different snow layer folders on top of your photo using Photoshop. Each of the 4 overlays consist of 8 different layers to control the amount and depth of snow. JPG files are included too (so you can use the snow overlays in other image editing software). Help PDFs with screenshots on how to use the overlays are included in the download.

Seamless Snow Texture

A seamless high-resolution snow texture

This seamless high-resolution snow texture was made to generate large snowflake surfaces. The download package also includes Photoshop actions to generate large snow surfaces. 4717 × 3146 Pixel, 16 bit, 300dpi, JPG and TIF file included + Bonus snow window texture and actions for Photoshop to generate large surfaces from seamless textures with one click (tested in PS CS6 & CC).

Our free design assets


Our freebies (free design assets) are perfect to use in your private and commercial projects. Please make sure not to change the freebie in any way, or to share the freebie to friends or for profit. This way our level of quality is maintained, and our copyright is protected.

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